Guo Yi flew up, and the mysterious fire dragon was dressed in mysterious fire armor and held a three-foot fire sword, and directly greeted the huge face. If the momentum went forward, if he could not slay the face, he would also come back dead.

Every dharma master is a great avatar, not a spirit. Even if the dharma master comes up with a dharma tactic, he can easily kill the top ten people in the spirit list, and only the dharma master can escape. Can Guo Yi and the three of them kill this dharma tactic? This is still an unknown number!
Chapter 147 White House top management
Fang-seeking chessboard plays the group Fang sword dance first and faces the goddess. The sword is as thick as a mountain, and the left eye of the face is hit with a mouth immediately.
The grimace is transformed by the dharma, but by the magic circle. The whole body is a whole. When the left eye is cracked, a flash of light will fly out in the right eye to recover.
When Nangong sheep’s magic box prison was arrested to the right eye, a grimace suddenly opened a vertical ghost eye, and a hundred-foot-high magic platform flew out of it, and two cold locks were beaten upside down and returned.
"so powerful"
Simon Wolf and Nangong Sheep’s faces are all cloudy and cold, and they both take back this magic method, and then offer the Fang-seeking chessboard and the jade girl picture scroll, and they also bombard the faces with Guo Yi’s generalization.
Guo Yi leapt from the dragon’s head with Xuan Huojian and struck the third ghost flame between the eyebrows of the face. However, when the Xuan Huojian was cut, the third instantaneous closure only left a foot-deep sword mark on his forehead. This is because the Xuan Huojian in Guo Yi’s hand is comparable to the sharp instrument to hurt the face. If the weapon cuts it, his forehead will break instantly.
The face is haunted, and the sword mark on the forehead disappears in an instant.
Guo Yi turned his body and stabbed the face with a sword. He wanted to cut off the sword, but when he started to make a face faster than him, two fangs directly bit Guo Yi’s waist.
Guo Yi was forced to avoid for a while, but he was still knocked upside down by his fangs. Fortunately, he was not injured in the Xuan Huojia.
"White house masters are dead as a doornail? For such a big movement, no master came, but instead asked us three outsiders to fight a dharma master, which was a good wishful thinking. "
Guo Yi scolded 1 low, and then sacrificed Xuan Huojian to half Li Su ‘e to create a sad chess principle, and changed the power of Xuan Huojian’s seven swords and shadows to increase seven times at the same time, and attacked the mouth of grimace.
After the seven swords flew out, Guo Yi once again hit nine flames in a row, and the dragon department scored at the throat. He took out the Xuan Huang Jian and instantly banned the ten towering mountains to smash this face with a sword.
In the depths of the White House, a group of old people dressed in white are sitting in a palace in the center of Lingfeng. In their eyes, these old people are shooting a three-foot-long white divine light and looking at the South House, which is in the midst of a world war.
In this palace, the misty and hazy patterns are intertwined, and from time to time, there is a magic bell hitting the farthest position of the Xianhe Pentium. A colorful Shenhua is produced in generate, and a colorful shrine in Kowloon is holding a dignified middle-aged man. He also looks into the distance with his eyes shining.
This majestic middle-aged man is the White House’s current master!
An old man next to Baiyuntian was holding a Chiba folding fan in his hand. He seemed to be reposing his eyes and didn’t look at the distant war, but he already knew the result of this war.
"When the White House was in middle school, three little guys were able to compete with the dharma master. This is definitely the top three of the younger generation." An old man nodded and praised, "Their strength is estimated to have surpassed that of the third and fourth girls to win them."
All the people in the hall sat cross-legged. Only the white family owner snorted coldly. "What’s the fuss about three prostitutes?"
The White House is one of the four families of cultivating immortals. Even if Guo Yi and Shuang Sheng have been transformed, the White House can still throw out all their details, and they will know their identity when they enter the White House.
"Three rogue, a Zhongzhou royal dharma master, these four men actually mixed into my White House and must completely obliterate them." A red-haired old man suddenly flew out of his hand with a majestic array pattern, which is almost connected to the awning and will fly to Guo Yi and others.
At this moment, the old man with his eyes closed beside Bai Jia’s master suddenly sighed, "What a pity!" "
Although Mr. Chiba’s voice is very low, the audience can still hear him clearly. Of course, no one recognizes that he talks in his sleep. If Mr. Chiba really talks in his sleep, then he must have a secret in his sleep.
"What a pity, Sir?" The old man with red hair shook hands with kill array, but he was afraid to type because of a word from Mr. Chiba. At this time, he respectfully asked.
"It’s a pity that the only glimmer of life in the White House will be obliterated by you." Mr. Chiba gently shook Chiba’s fan.
The red-haired old man suddenly got a fright, and kill array instantly withdrew his hand. He knew that Mr. Chiba would never give them a reason to believe.
Bai Yuntian’s eyebrows jumped and he walked from Kowloon Block to Mr. Chiba with a slight bow. "Please give me some advice."
Mr. Chiba smiled, his eyes were clear, and he looked at the Chiba fan in the hand of Nanfu in the distance. He pointed out with a smile, "If the three rogue can not destroy the White House well, they can destroy the Longyuan Royal Sword Garden and the Zhongzhou royal family. How do you decide?"
Bai Jia’s position as the master is lofty, and the world of cultivating immortals can be regarded as the overlord of one party, and his intellectual strategy is naturally a success, but he still can’t listen to Mr. Bai Chiba’s sentence. Three rogue thieves can solve the disaster in the three holy places, and I’m afraid no one will believe it every day.
Baiyun Tian has been a householder for thousands of years. Although he can’t understand Mr. Chiba’s secret, he is not a natural person. Besides, Mr. Chiba is a peer of his father but his predecessor. He immediately put away the householder’s rack.
Baiyun Tian carries a cup of green tea with a smile on his face and respects Mr. Chiba’s front and says, "A toast to Mr. Yun Tianjing."
"Come on, if you don’t look at the sunrise, even if your father Bai Taigong, the old ghost, comes to beg me, I won’t pick up this rotten stall. You should know that these guys in the seven evil places are all eating people and not spitting bones." Mr. Chiba took the cup in Baiyun’s hand and then took a sip of it lightly. Baiyun suddenly knew that there was a game.
At this time, the smoke in the south mansion has fallen, and Guo Yi and the three men finally smashed the face, but the hidden dharma master still didn’t appear. Mr. Chiba looked at Guo Yi and the three men hundreds of miles away and laughed. "We won’t intervene in dealing with the natural beauty of the rogue, so let the sunrise talk to them to ensure that it is more effective than us old guys."
Baiyun Tian eyebrows a wrinkly, "this is not so good! Will it be too risky? They’re sluts. One thousand … "