In just a few days, a message suddenly flowed in the square.
The evil black bandits don’t know when they offended the mysterious owner behind Taobao House, and the other party threatened to make the black bandits disappear in one year.
This seems to be a joke
For nearly a thousand years, the two leaders were all seven-rank silver, but who knows the main family behind Taobao House?
it is said
It’s a fifth-order silver
Why should he?
However, a dialect seems to be determined not to give up, and in the face of black wind and bandits, I am not worried about revenge.
Seems to be very confident
At that time, many speculations were rampant.
A console table was broken into several sawdust.
Xiao Guoliang, the black wind bandit leader, stared at Fang with sullen eyes and murderous eyes, telling the news and helping the crowd to hum a way.
"is all this true?"
"Back to the Leader" was taken in the seventh-order silver spy and couldn’t help shivering.
"It’s really true. The one who received our message at Fang said that once confirmed, there would be a rich report."
"It’s too deceiving!" Huang Ding, the five leaders, has a hot temper and roars at the smell speech.
"Zhou Zhen’s shop is in the core of the southern district, so we dare not move him. I’ll go and teach him a lesson."
"Five brothers don’t impulse each other since you dare to say so, don’t fall into a trap." Zheng Qiao, the second leader, gently shook his head and said, easy.
"But …"
"Why don’t I remember that we sinned against him?"
"I know about it," said Feng Jiao, the six leaders.
"This man named Zhou Yi has been secretly trading ice mine Xue Tianmai. When the giant mountain gang investigated this matter, the surname Xue took Zhou Yi’s hand to top the cylinder."
"He should be afraid to take the giant mountain gang and take it out on us."
"Hum!" Huang Ding cold hum