"Lease land? No, no, no, Zhuang, won’t you take the Hammer Man back to your state? " An envoy asked.

"Are you kidding the old man?" Not far away, Zhuang couldn’t wait to slap him. "In this case, don’t be old!"
None of you want the hammer to take me back to the state? Why?
Even if I wanted to take it, I might have been bombed by the army before I got to the border.
Not far from Zhuang, the black face got up and left. Several other state envoys hurriedly stopped Zhuang. "No, no, no, Zhuang, let’s discuss the issue of renting land."
"This is a good plan!"
"Yes, the very genius plan!"
"This leased land must be deserted!"
"What about the Sakura Desert?"
"No, no,no. The Sahala Desert is too close to our state. I think Maoxiong State is good."
"Why throw the hammer man to our Maoxiong State! Throw it to Snow Island! "
"No, no,no. Our snowy island is very small. I think we should go to Green Island!"
"Our Green Island …" A red-cheeked Han was just about to speak when he was blocked back.
"Good for Green Island!"
"Green Island is green island when it meets the lonely conditions! That’s settled! "
"Come and get the map!"
The Green Island envoy silently took out a map of Green Island.
Green Island is the largest island in the world. Most of it has an area of more than 20,000 square kilometers in the Arctic Circle, but it has less than 60,000 residents, most of whom are fishermen.
Is the whole Green Island "inaccessible"?
There’s almost no one!
It’s perfect for renting land.
It’s not that the envoy of Green Island didn’t speak, even the envoy of Green Island sovereign state Cross State didn’t express his opinion.
What else can I say? It’s probably the South Pole that can be more desolate than Green Island.
"It’s right here." We found an uninhabited place and drew a circle on the map at random
"What about the lease period?"
"In one hundred? It should be enough. Who knows how long these hammer people can live! "
"What about the rent?"
"Oh, this is a symbolic knife for the people of the world to contribute!"
Special envoys, don’t be generous with the generosity of others.
A lease agreement was quickly drafted and signed by all state representatives, and then the agreement came into effect temporarily.
Zhuang came out not far and asked for some basics, such as collecting taxes, forming a public security police force, and so on. Everyone waved their hands and agreed!
You said you were going to collect taxes on Green Island? Ah, ha ha ha ha ha ha …
This is really a big joke.
Who should pay the tax? Polar bear or seal?
To form a security team? Without these teams, what if the hammers run out?
Look at this agreement signed not far from Zhuang smilingly said
"In order to facilitate the management of hammers, I suggest that we set up a hammer management company to share the responsibility."
"Common?" Everyone shook their heads.
I don’t want to take the so-called bullshit responsibility!
What can this creature, Hammer Man, do except make trouble all day?
We want to get rid of the trouble caused by the hammer man and don’t want to take responsibility!
"Rest assured, this company must be operated by us. You need to do your duty. After all, hammering people is not easy to control. If hammering people escape and kill people, they need your help to coordinate …"
"So this company holds one percent of the shares in each state here, and we are responsible for the rest …"
Everyone ran away in succession.
Who wants your shares!
It’s done. Hammer man is your business. Everybody run!
"Well, can we have a share in Green Island?" Look at all the people gone. The red-faced Han asked timidly
"Of course," Zhuang smiled.
Dude, this is the best decision you made today.
Chapter 6 Hammer Gun Level 1 Preparation