On June 9th, the earth source small universe suppressed the soil rules. Miao Huanshan, Ji Si and Augustus all showed no signs of breaking through.

On June 12, the fire source small universe suppressed the fire rules. The four players, Wen Shao, Mei Sen, Dai Lijun and Yan Xuejin, showed no signs of breaking through.
Auxiliary effect of suppression of earth-source small universe on June 15
On June 1 ST, the auxiliary breakthrough of small universe suppression of fire source
On June 21, the suppression of the earth source small universe assisted the breakthrough of silicon!
Blue star’s fifth small universe is strong, and Ji Si appears!
This elder brother, who is famous for his toughness and perseverance, has made a breakthrough in the small universe.
June 24, June 27, June 3, three times of repression and auxiliary breakthroughs all worked.
On July 2nd, Xu Hui received the emergency military information from Joan, Derui and Weibin.
The Mayan army has completed the third-order military plan that can be executed at any time, and at this time, Wei Bin, Cai Shaochu and Xu tui also had differences for the first time.
"Horse to carry out the third sequence military plan at least can we blue star to buffer for three months to half a year.
To attack the Mayans, the Daxi and Eldar will inevitably go back and destroy the Mayans first to solve the hidden danger of the Mayans, "said Wei Bin.
"That’s true, but three months or half a year hasn’t changed much for us.
I don’t know how many small universe giants Bluestar will have in three months or six months, but it may be one or two or a bit.
The overall strength of Bluestar will also rise a little.
But by that time, the Daxi clan and Eldar clan will have our blue star as an enemy in the whole universe.
I think the Maya, an ally of natural warfare, must be preserved and made to give full play to it. "Xu retreated and expressed his opinions.
"but in that case, we have worked hard to build those star bases in the sun in recent years, which may be destroyed. If it is serious, we may return to before liberation overnight.
Are you still not sure about Chu Ling and Yuan when the head of the team is buffered for three to six months? "Weibin is not stupid. Weibin is now expecting Xu to retreat and create miracles again.
If we fight for it for three months to six months, then we can kill Chuling and Yuan just like killing Heiyang.
"There is the possibility.
But this probability will not exceed five percent. "
Weibin smell speech was a joy first, but then froze for five percent. The probability is too low.
After a few minutes, the defender Bin smiled bitterly. "I give up my opinion and do everything according to the head."
"to lose everyone to lose.
Everyone loses land and everyone is everywhere!
If the base is destroyed, it can be rebuilt according to the plan of the head of the team, "Cai Shaochu said.
"Well, then continue to wait," Xu said. "Wait for the day when Daxi and Eldar attack the sun."
By the way, the Muyan knot must have been discovered by the army Elves, right? "Asked xu back.
"Found and has made the corresponding defense arrangement.
However, the Eldar side found the location of the Muyan common army.
But I didn’t find the position of the elite knot of the Umya people, "Cai Shaochu said.
"How much did the elite of the Myan people have?" Xu asked back.
"Two hundred nine WeiHang star five hundred WeiHang star one thousand seven WeiHang star six WeiHang star and five WeiHang star a total of five thousand people.
They have all been finished and trained by Derek, Gabe and Grace, ready to fight, "Cai Shaochu said.
"Well, then continue to practice and wait," Xu said.
On July 16th, 2143, Daxi and Eldar married for three months. elite force sent out to kill the solar high-temperature fire curtain in the cosmic passage and launched a long-range bombardment against the solar high-temperature fire curtain.
At the same time, I was practicing in the fire universe and suddenly opened my eyes.
The final curtain of this cosmic Armageddon has been drawn.