This change is beyond Chen Qi’s imagination, and he can’t find the answer at the moment.

Chapter two hundred and fourteen Relief
Li Xuan was a little surprised when he saw Chen Qi and others coming back. Although no one else could see that he had this closet thing, Li Xuanyi knew that it must have been hidden from Chen Qi, the original owner. He came to him to hide a means to collect Chen Qi’s King Kong Tower, but he got a net fire and red-violet was better than expected. He was not afraid to let Chen Qi go if Chen Qi turned against him.
Chen Qi, but not Li Xuan, saw the young gas refiner waving like that, and there were several red-violet inclusions. The net fire mana of red-violet grew more magnificent than before. Instead, it was a bit of a surprise. Chen Qi and tianmashan learned that their hearts would not show their faces. At this time, of course, they would not make their hearts really emotional.
When Li Xuan saw Chen Qi making such an expression, his heart was quite strange. He wanted to wait for Chen Qi to ask about his own good explanation and ask the origin of these net fire red-violet by the way, but he didn’t think that Chen Qi would never do it again after making such a surprise expression, just as he didn’t know that Li Xuan’s magic was actually obtained from his King Kong Tower, but he told the things in the Yin River in detail.
Chen Qi and others’ experience of Yin River is also a tortuous adventure, and a three-headed demon will detain the matter and attract everyone’s attention. Even Li Xuanyi was stumped by this matter and never thought about Chen Qi again. He didn’t ask him about the origin of the net fire red-violet spell.
Although Chen Qi didn’t know that Li Xuanyi suddenly got the favor of the evil red-violet Buddha, instead of devouring his mana, he made it into such a powerful spell, but he knew that the evil red-violet Buddha was powerful. I don’t know how many years it has been since this evil Buddha was suppressed by the King Kong Tower. Where are ordinary people to provoke? Chen 7: 00 doesn’t avoid anything and doesn’t dare to follow suit. Try to attract red-violet net fire to burn himself. He wants to have a look at Li Xuan as usual with a look on the sidelines.
The original Chen Qi and others went to the Xuanxuan Sect and the six women in the Louvre, Yangzhou Siying and others became uneasy until Li Xuanyi used the net fire and red-violet spell. At this time, Chen Qi and others returned to Xuan Ying Mountain, and they were relieved. Especially Chen Qi got dirty black lotus, which can restrain the Yin soldiers in the Yin River most. These people think that Xuan Ying Mountain will never be breached again, but Wan Fang and others are worried about the comfort of Fuyang House. After all, Yangzhou Siying or Louvre and six women are all at home, and many relatives and friends are familiar with Fuyang City. Are you willing to worry?
It was Chen Qi and Li Xuanyi who protected the Xuan Ying Mountain for the time being. They just can’t say that they saw Chen Qi returning and got a sharp weapon. Li Xuanyi’s mana also looked unfathomable. When Chen Qi was slightly free, Wan Fang secretly told him to ask Chen Qi to bring them to Fuyang House.
Chen Qi didn’t expect that the Yin River flood was so powerful that someone would come to solve it once. Although Xuan Ying Mountain is the foundation of Xuanxuan Sect, there is nothing to be trapped, that is, a jade vein is the foundation of Xuanxuan Sect. However, it is no longer meaningful to continue to sneak to Xuanxuan Sect and run out of food and water.
After Wan Fang talked to Chen Qi, Chen Qi moved his mind and immediately went to Li Xuanyi and Xia Yuniang to talk about moving things together.
Xia Yuniang, if you don’t know that Xuan Ying Mountain is almost too fast to keep? Chen Qilai asked her that Xia Yuniang naturally didn’t insist that Li Xuanyi wouldn’t mind whether to throw away the Xuanxuan Sect’s inheritance. Anyway, Xuanxuan Sect is not his family’s inheritance. The three of them discussed it briefly and settled the dispute. Li Xuanyi divided hundreds of net fire red-violet flowers and his Suyun flag. Did Xuanxuan Sect hoard many things or collect them all together?
In Yangzhou, there are six women and four heroes, and Chen Qi is still negotiating with the Tibetans in Jingangta in several aspects. Li Xuanyi and Chen Qi withdrew their spells together to see the siege of the Shanyin River in Xuan Ying. The blackwater of these Yinshan rivers flooded the Xuan Ying Mountain. No matter what hills and peaks rushed to the highest point of Xuan Ying Mountain against the height, they rolled and washed to detain the whole Xuan Ying Mountain. Seeing Xia Yuniang, Xia Lvzhu and many Xuanxuan sent their brothers, they felt sad.
But at this time, there is no way. Chen Qi should have changed the fire crow and hurried to Fuyang Fucheng to get to the sable, snow, Luan and pig. Jiu Gang naturally walked with Chen Qi. One day, when she saw the Yin River and blackwater, she missed her own method valley. She didn’t say hello to Chen Qi and secretly reversed the light escape and left in advance …
Although Li Xuanyi’s mana is very high, he didn’t get an acquaintance in Fuyang Fucheng. He knew that if he wanted to settle the Xuanxuan Sect, he had to make efforts from a local strongman like Yangzhou Siying, which actually laid the groundwork for some contacts with Wanqi and others.
Chen Qi’s wings shop is like a meteor catching the moon. It doesn’t take several hours to catch the wave of Yin River black water. At this time, the Yin River has been raging for more than thousands of miles. Fortunately, Fuyang Fucheng is a little far away, but Chen Qi has not been caught by the wave of Yin River black water. When Chen Qi catches the wave of Yin River black water, the black water is only a few tens of miles away from Fuyang Fucheng. In front of this black water, there are several people, married with children, running and shouting.
These people’s homes have been destroyed by the black water of the Yinhe River. They can still struggle for their lives. They have long been swallowed by the black water of the Yinhe River. The walls of Fuyang House are tall, and many people have come straight to the city and want to resist the black water by relying on the walls of this city. But Chen Qi has long seen that some people in Fuyang City have fled for their lives, especially the officials in the city have long since lost the smell of strangers. Obviously, the prefect of Fuyang House has long been the first to escape where to hide, and he has never thought about meeting these grass people.
Chen Qi saw this scene and said to Li Xuanyi, "Please ask Brother Suyun Banner to protect Fuyang Fucheng until I come to rescue these people." Li Xuanyi thoughtfully agreed to a good thing. Although he thought that Suyun Banner was more convenient than Chen Qi’s saving lives, it was necessary to protect Fuyang Fucheng. Several instruments displayed by Chen Qi’s hands could not protect such a vast ideal city.
Chen Qi, regardless of Li Xuan’s desire to release the fire crow in his chest, cooperated with his own refining, and Wu Jin Yunguang joined with 36 purple jade slips and six-headed king worms to make a detour around Fuyang Fucheng by many means, but all those who fled to Fuyang Fucheng were sent to the city by magic to save many people. Chen Qi looked from Fuyang Fucheng by falling light.
The black water of the Yinhe River has been raging for so long that it has become a monstrous water. From a distance, it seems that it is just a line. When you get close, you will see that the water head is like a tide. Many ferocious and fierce Yin soldiers and many bones rolled up by the black water of the Yinhe River look as straight as you are, and thousands of evil spirits are left in the world together. Those people who have been rescued in Fuyang Fucheng are so fierce that they hate the black water tide. They are all shivering and crying, and many people are waiting to die together.
The black water wave of the Yinhe River was aggressive and dazzling, so it rushed to Fuyang Fucheng. In a moment, the whole Fuyang Fucheng was besieged. Thanks to Li Xuanyi’s great power, although these net fire red-violet came to something strange, he made Suyun Banner come a little higher than usual. With the net fire red-violet Suyun Banner, Li Xuanyi firmly protected Fuyang Fucheng, which also showed great means.
When Chen Qi came back from saving people, he released the King Kong Pagoda. In a flash, there were hundreds of feet tall and golden, and Suyun flag passed through a layer of Buddha’s light to encourage power. At the same time, Chen Qi also released the dirty black lotus, which swam slowly around the city. The black water tide and Yin soldiers were attracted to kill each other, and the winners and losers were swallowed up by this dirty black lotus.
At this time, Chen Qi also came regardless of Wanqi Wan Fang Luofu six women Sima Zhuo Liao, who released their spells for four miles to resist Yinhe Blackwater. This time, the momentum of Yinhe Blackwater in Fuyang Fucheng was too great, which was a thousand times greater than that of flooding Xuan Ying Mountain. Although Yinhe Blackwater could not resist Chen Qi and others, the pressure of water was heavy. Li Xuanyi’s luck made Suyun Banner and the surrounding blackwater touch mana to stop the waves of blackwater from being detained, just like being crushed by four great seas.
Chen Qi is luckier than he is. The pressure on the assistance of the King Kong Tower is a little less, but he still feels that all his spells are filthy, black lotus, the Golden Sutra of the Emperor, and the dragons and gods are all like being suppressed by mountains. Even though he can still transport it, it takes a lot of mana to make every turn. It is at this time that Chen Qi realized that once the Yinhe Blackwater is so powerful, it is so difficult to suppress it.
Fortunately, the five eyes know that assisting the master and understanding it are the best to seal the town with three kinds of small magical powers. I don’t know how many Yin soldiers have been suppressed by the five strange eyes on the back of this king worm. Every time a group of Yin soldiers are suppressed, their bodies are huge and dazzling, and they rise to more than ten miles. Chen Qitou is more imposing than being pressed to move by Chengtou. Many people in the city miss Chen Qiqi’s help and pray for gratitude.
Chapter two hundred and fifteen LeiGuangYao miles
It has been more than seven days since the black water of the dazzling Yin River besieged Fuyang Fucheng.
In these seven days, I don’t know how many people in the city prayed every day that this rare black water would recede. Li Xuanyi made Suyun Banner and net fire red-violet protect the people of this city. At the same time, the people were also measured by the black water pressure. The city head was not allowed to move, and the marten, snow, Luan, pigs and Xia Yuniang were able to fly away. All the monks went to rescue the people scattered outside the city. Even Yangzhou Siying and Xuanxuan sent their brothers and Fuyang Fucheng, who were hiding in various places, all stepped in to help resist the invisible soldiers in the black water.
At this time, the black water of the Yinhe River has risen three feet and nine feet higher than that of Fuyang Fucheng. Many Yin soldiers have come by the waves. Although most of them were crushed by Suyun Banner and net fire red lotus, Chen Qi’s filthy black lotus flew around the city and killed a lot, but there were always fish escaping from the net and broke into Fuyang Fucheng to slaughter.
Although Suyun Banner is a first-class defense device, many places are not weak and poorly protected because Li Xuanyi has expanded too much.
Although Chen Qi also contributed to protect the people on this side, there is always a strange feeling in his heart. In these seven days, he saved hundreds of people more than he did when he was a mountain thief for seven years. Moreover, because of his greatest contribution, Li Xuanyi was overwhelmed by the Yin River and black water in all directions, and the rest of the people in Fuyang Fucheng were the first to kill people. This petty thief is a great immortal who saves the suffering. Every day, I don’t know how many people he prayed for a long life. Even Chen Qi’s practice is smoother than before, and it seems that some people have entered the country too much.
"There are more than 20,000 bat spirits in my King Kong Pagoda. They recite the scriptures every day, which makes the King Kong Pagoda full of willingness. Although most of them have turned into money, many of them are integrated with the King Kong Pagoda, which makes the self-proclaimed small world in this King Kong Pagoda practice magic twice as fast, and it seems that it can be a bit lucky to realize these people’s prayers and wishes than outside … I don’t know how to operate the practice!"
Although Chen Qi feels pity, he can do it without the corresponding practice. Although he has also helped the people of Fuyang Fucheng to resist the erosion of the Yin River and the black water these days, most of his experience has been to study a spell. He has enlightened the Buddha’s door to know the three senses and gain wisdom. My consciousness can be divided into seven thoughts.
At one time, Chen Qi and the Bull Demon fought against each other to manipulate an idea, and his five eyes realized some beauty. These days, he tried to refine his five eyes and divide an idea when he defended the enemy from two places at once, and his power was much higher than his own.
It is the grotesque body with five eyes that is not conducive to spell luck, which makes Chen Qi want to try to cultivate this king worm into an adult.
It’s not difficult for real birds and animals to become adults. It’s not difficult to change people’s bodies by opening the orifices of animals. Many monsters who can’t repair well can also change people, such as fox Xun Yuzao and Chen Qi, who are better than Chen Qi at first sight, can already become beautiful girls.
However, some animals are born with great magical powers, or insects have little wisdom, or plants are bulky and often reach a very high level, and may still change people.