But to Zhouyi’s surprise, a foreign girl came in. This foreign girl is also more than 1.7 meters tall, wearing blond black high heels and black stockings. She is very sexy and a typical ocean horse.

"Sir, is your name?"
The foreign girl took off her coat when she asked Zhou Yi. She wore a black coat under her coat, and this foreign girl’s chest was particularly high and Zhou Yiji could reach half the hemisphere.
"Miss, I’m sorry I didn’t call special. You’re at the wrong door."
Zhouyileng said hurriedly, beckoning this foreign girl to put on her clothes. Although this foreign girl is beautiful, Zhouyi is not called a prostitute. He has always been a totally honest woman.
"Sir, since you are here, have fun. I am in the wrong room, but it also means that we have a fate. We should cherish this fate."
Instead of dressing, the foreign girl came up to Zhouyi with charm and said to Zhouyi that her voice was simply fascinating, and she was a man. It is estimated that nine people would be unable to resist the temptation of this sound.
"Miss Beauty, this is for you. Thank you. Please leave. I want to rest."
Zhouyi didn’t want to talk to this foreign girl. He took out a hundred dollars and handed it to the foreign girl. No matter how beautiful this woman is, she came out and rode thousands of people to touch Zhouyi. She was not interested in this kind of woman.
This foreign girl came out to sell the money, and Zhouyi recognized that she would not pester herself again if she wanted to get the money, and she would definitely leave with joy.
"Sir, you are really a good man. You don’t want to play at such a young age? I think you have a good figure, so let’s play together. "
The foreign girl took the Zhouyi money, but she didn’t leave. She actually stood up and approached Zhouyi. At this time, her clothes had been taken off and her face was a black skirt. The scenery leaked out.
"I’m sorry, I’m tired. I need to rest. Please leave."
Zhou Yi didn’t expect this foreign girl to continue pestering her face a little harshly. He thought to himself, "Isn’t this foreign girl coming out in spring and selling it? She should leave when she takes the money."
"Sir, I think you will be interested in my figure. Wouldn’t it be too rough to sleep in the room in broad daylight? Let me play with you. I’m superb."
The foreign girl still said coily that she had lifted her skirt to give Zhouyi her thigh.
"Please leave"
Zhouyi tilted slightly with anger and said
"Sir, don’t be so fierce."
The woman still said in a seductive tone that she lifted her black skirt to reveal the corner of her pants, so Zhouyi turned her head slightly and didn’t want her. When she reached into the skirt, she suddenly pulled out a long knife about three inches sharp.
This foreign girl actually hides a sharp knife in her skirt, which is probably unexpected.
Yang Niu took out a sharp knife, and the whole person’s momentum suddenly changed. At this time, she was no longer the one who betrayed the woman and became a killer. She suddenly took a step forward and cut the throat of Zhouyi with a sharp knife in her hand.
This moment is more dangerous than the waves!
The foreign girl finally revealed her true purpose at the moment when Zhouyi tilted her head. Her three-inch knife is short but sharper. If this trick succeeds, Zhouyi’s throat will be cut by this sexy foreign girl and she will die.
The foreign girl shows that she has the level of a professional killer. This knife is fast and accurate, and the timing is very accurate. She seems to have calculated that Zhouyi will be biased when he lifts his skirt. It is not common to choose this time to kill people.
At first glance, the blade suddenly kills, and at this moment, Zhouyi’s life and death are hanging by a thread.
Zhou Yigen didn’t expect this door to be a’ special’ woman, who was actually a killer and was aiming at herself.
But when the foreign girl’s blade was three inches away from Zhouyi’s throat, Zhouyi still didn’t seem to notice the sexy foreign girl’s knife, and his eyes were still slightly closed, as if he didn’t want the foreign girl to be naked.
For Zhouyi, this kind of selling women will also dirty their eyes, so he is unwilling.
As soon as the foreign girl’s knife was taken out, she lifted the skirt and naturally let it go. At first sight, spring was stopped by the skirt.
The foreign girl’s eyes lit up when she saw Zhouyi’s reaction, because her blow to the horse was about to succeed, and it was possible for Zhouyi to come back to life if she succeeded in this knife.
However, as long as the foreign girl knife touches Zhouyi’s throat and cuts Zhouyi’s throat, Zhouyi’s body naturally forms Xingyiquan Santi and turns a little.