Hua Zhen traveled to the spring banquet, and it didn’t take long for the light to come to the news. The girl didn’t lose her mobile phone, and she took it out of her coat pocket just how far away she was.

Hua Zhen also told him to send the light to the people, then go back to Wang Fengshou and continue to accompany the visitors for dinner tonight.
Is the visitor tonight from Fang Qiuyong, the protector of Yanshan Sect, also an outstanding female practitioner, or is it the famous "Sanqiu Fairy" in Kunlun practice circle in recent years, and Yanshan Sect is the closest clan to Fanglong Dojo.
Fang Qiuyong obviously knows what happened outside just now. The straight-line distance from beginning to end has not exceeded 300 meters. She quipped, "Director Hua is really popular!
I’ve seen this trick when I intentionally lost my mobile phone and asked you for help. By the way, I’ve also met it, but you’ve become a beautiful woman looking for a handsome guy here … "
Hua Zhenxing is laughing, but he is a very simple and honest person.
But that night, Wang Fengshou was in distress situation. Yesterday, he was instructed to search and investigate Lu Shao’s intelligence. Today, the light brought back another instruction. Hua Zhen Bank asked him to investigate a strange girl again.
What happened outside the Spring Festival banquet in Hua Zhen before dinner? Of course, Wang Fengshou also heard the light.
Generally speaking, it’s not a big deal. General Manager Hua played a little bit of caution with his charming girl, got the connection method and kept approaching him.
Isn’t it said by an old-timer that if a man and a woman look at each other, they will borrow something from each other, and if they borrow something, they will be more grateful. Won’t they have a chance once and for all? The girl keeps pace with the times by asking Hua Zhenxing for help on the pretext of losing her mobile phone.
Wang Fengshou is the special ambassador of several countries to the East China, who is responsible for the state affairs. However, in recent days, the most time-consuming and energy-consuming thing is that Hua Zhenxing is jealous and cautious!
Let’s break things. We have to look at it from another angle. The director of China is a national event, and the priority is exclusive. Just in front of him, Lang Xiaomin also looked at each other with a wry smile and then went to work separately.
Chapter 444, trap
The next afternoon, Hua Zhen Xingweixin really received a friend’s application to find his avatar through his mobile phone number. The postscript claimed that he was the girl who asked for help yesterday.
Hua Zhenxing passed the friend’s application, and the girl said that she wanted to invite him to dinner and pay back the money in person. Hua Zhen Bank said that it is not necessary to pay back the money and transfer it by mobile phone.
The girl insisted on thanking her face to face and said that she could make an appointment near Hua Zhen. She also asked him when she would have it. If she didn’t make an appointment for midnight snack at dinner, she could chat and send me the address of a western restaurant.
Hua Zhen will have six dinners and four lunches at the Spring Festival banquet every week. If only dinner is counted, there will be one day off in seven days, which happens to be a day.
Hua Zhen wanted to think about it, so he made an appointment and didn’t go. There was no way for people to pay back the money until they met!
The address of the western food restaurant sent by the girl is not far. If it is ten kilometers by car from the side door of Chunhua University, this vast and flat capital is already very close.
From the map, this store, Chunhua University, is just across the entire Pingjing University, and it is even within walking distance from the nearest school gate of Pingjing University.
Hua Zhen’s online search for this hotel has a good evaluation, and most of the messages are from nearby college students. The environment here is delicious, and the tableware and meal process are very ceremonial and touching, with an average loss of early 200.
This place is very suitable for petty bourgeoisie sentiment, even college students can come to the same place once in a while to bite their teeth. This moon-drying western restaurant has simply become synonymous with dating couples.
The base of the store is semi-partitioned, and the decoration and lighting of the booth have an ambiguous and private atmosphere … Hua Zhen arrived at this western restaurant on time, and she actually arrived first.
Today, the girl is dressed more exquisitely than last night. Sitting there, her coat has been taken off, and she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress. Her chest is full of glistening, which makes people feel unreal.
Hua Zhen prefers natural things because he is a monk, but he also admits that the girl’s exaggeration is not ugly.
After Hua Zhenxing sat down, the girl thanked Hua Zhenxing for what happened the day before yesterday and asked him to order, explaining that she was not familiar with this restaurant, which was introduced by a classmate.
Hua Zhenxing didn’t refuse, but directly asked the clerk to recommend a most popular set meal for two in the store. The girl asked Hua Zhen how to drink, and Hua Zhen said that she could drink a little.
This sentence is a bit tricky. She didn’t directly ask Hua Zhenxing if he drank alcohol, but asked if he could drink alcohol. Of course, Hua Zhen won’t say that she can’t drink, so the girl ordered a bottle of white wine.
The girl claims that her surname is Cheng Xiaofang, which is a very common and common name, but it is by no means ordinary.
She came from other places to study, and the half-year study period is almost over. The place of study is the School of Information, Pingjing University.
Of course, Hua Zhen also introduced himself and told the truth.
He is an international student from several countries. Chunhua University has just studied in a freshman school and speaks Oriental language so well because his ethnic Chinese have been educated in Oriental culture since childhood.
Miss Xiao Fang’s personality is really lovable. When Hua Zhenxing speaks, she always looks at him so softly with watery eyes and just right coquetry.