Penultimate skill advanced spell combo

This advanced spell crit and advanced spell combo also
And what Fang wants to say hasn’t happened, so if it goes well, sumeru’s mantra is still the sumeru tear demon!
However, as we all know, no one dares to clap his chest to ensure that the skill of sumeru mantra has not appeared.
Of course, there are exceptions.
For example, Fang Xiang
Looking at the two skills of advanced spell crit and advanced spell combo, I just smiled when I thought about it.
"Oh, that’s no problem, boss. Your number."
Fang Xiang thought that the mouse cursor fell off the summoning bar and the fork surface fell off the summoning bar.
"Ah? Anchor little brother, show everyone a skill! "
"Yeah, I want to show you a sumeru, bro."
"If this falls, isn’t it a trick?"
Looking at the words appearing on the public screen, I want to leave my mouth.
"You still don’t believe it when I say it’s done."
Said reluctantly ordered summoning bar.
Then I hit the 6-skill sumeru tears demon.
Show millions of dream friends a glimpse of red in front of them!
6 skills sumeru tears demon
I didn’t drop it
It’s done!
"I am really good at this skill!"
"Anchor Brother 6666666!"
"It’s good? Can I call you later? "
When these six skills sumeru mantra tears demon appeared in front of thousands of dream friends, the whole public screen exploded.
Fang thought that he had a superb skill in fighting and recruited these ten million people.
And sook and others are whispering at this time.
"Ah? This party seems to be a little more powerful than I thought. It seems that not only can I command and play, but my skills are also very good? "
"In this case, did I give him my 12 skills to split Huashan? I haven’t dared to play since the former Chen color came out for me. "
Suk said it was because he kept throwing 12 skills in the warehouse to split Huashan. Players like Suk naturally pursue red, but it is more difficult than going to heaven to keep the 12 skills red! It’s also because of the fact that the qualifications of the children who split Huashan Mountain have grown up very well. So Suk has never fought and abandoned the warehouse.
"Is that the 169 attack capital, 56 physical capital, 15 speed qualification, 13 growth and 12 skills?"
When I heard Sook say it was over, I couldn’t help swallowing.
If this bb is really won, it’s definitely a price. When he saw Suk, the Vishnu child, he wanted Suk to play it for himself. But Suk directly refused the joke. The playing technique 6 Sumeru mantra Vishnu children’s department is all together. How dare you give it to him?
"Well, that’s what makes Fang want to play when he looks back."
Sook said that, but he was thinking something else.
This time, I went back to China to deal with the Su’s regiment and Xiongfeng regiment, but now things have been handled almost. Su’s father has also come out of the police station. Everything in the Su’s regiment is working normally, but he should also be relieved that it is time to leave China and go back to his small island in Europe with Ah Wan. However, there have been a lot of things around me recently, and it is a big surprise for Su Ke to decide to stay for a few more days before leaving.
However, despite this decision, the date of going abroad must be set in advance.
Sigh slightly and turn your eyes to the brain screen.
At this moment, Fang wants to put the tens of millions of dream coins left in the account of the 9-level troll king boss into a special bank, then give the boss the number and log in to the second account.
The second account is from General Rumby, a 175-level knight errant sect, and the name of this dream friend game is also attractive to Fang Xiang.
"r idol?"
When I saw this name, millions of dream friends in the whole live broadcast couldn’t help laughing. What the hell is this name? That’s a new name. You dare to show it in front of old R.
And this R idol owner is embarrassed to scratch his head at this time, and then the public screen said
"Oh, I’m sorry, Fang Xiang, little brother. I came here to call R fans, but the name has already been taken, so I tried to change the last two words into idols. I didn’t expect that no one registered and changed it on the spur of the moment."
Although this sentence is meant to be said to Fang, everyone knows that he meant it for you.
It is naturally impossible for Suk and others to have a name and have general knowledge with this dream friend. Besides, it’s nothing.
"What are you going to do with this R idol boss?"
Fang wants to hold back a smile and ask the master of the 175-level knight errant.
Chapter two hundred and sixty-seven The last step (1 more)
"Oh, oh, here’s the thing, little brother. I want to summon a beast with three special skills: death call, spell defense and fear of giving. Do you think this fits?"
Hearing this dream friend called "urk Idol" talking, I can’t help but jump my eyes.
Those dream friends on the public screen are sprayed directly.
"Pull calf you here?"
"It’s a technical flow to play with the anchor brother. It’s purely a luck flow. It’s almost the same if you get together and find the anchor brother to play!"
"That is, if the anchor brother wants to combine anything, what can he do? Then it’s silly to sell the baby directly to make money. Are you stupid?"
After all, it really depends on luck to get things done, but in the last sentence, Fang Xiang had to wave his hand. He really earned a suite by playing together and selling embryos … Well, that’s the suite he is now in.
This suite didn’t rely on the family to take a penny, but it was earned from the fantasy westward journey.
Fantasy Westward Journey is a game.
If you play well, it is heaven, but if you don’t play well, it is hell.
There are a lot of bloody cases, and what loans are put in front of us to buy equipment, but if we play well, it will never have such an impact. It is not a problem to have less insurance.
However, I wonder if I will talk too much about this issue during the live broadcast.
Because a game is the same, it is never a game problem but a player’s own mentality that determines the player’s state.