Why don’t you say it’s naturally Yun Nie? Why don’t you have a bad satellite!

Yun Nie hey hey smiled.
How can a person listen to music and make the background music less enjoyable than others! Of course, I want everyone to come together. Hi!
Yu "Yinsuo Subwoofer" Hmm … This is for Yun Nie himself!
The noise reduction ability of fighter is very strong, and the music is easily distorted! Hmm … This is the main reason why Yun Nie invaded the other party’s communication channel!
At this point, the captain’s head is sweating, and there are some big things! This means that someone will eavesdrop on your phone just now! Fortunately, I just revealed little information!
"ā m: oh! ?????Oh … "
But the problem now is that this magic sound still keeps playing! He feels like he’s going crazy! You can’t finish your attention!
"Immediately switch to the line communication system! The third band channel! " The captain immediately ordered!
However …
"… zi zi …" Line communication to zi zi.
"Uh …" The captain immediately reacted. This is someone interfering with the line communication. It turns out that the other party’s interference ability has completely exploded their street …
So ….. Are we going to lose communication and fight separately, or are we going to put up with the magic sound and keep fighting?
Professional soldiers. Do they have a choice?
Four people switched back to satellite communication again!
"… take a take a take a he can take a take a knife ….."
Four people "…"
Well ….. Sure enough, let’s consider fighting each other …
Chapter one hundred and fourteen uneasy
"Attention! The other party has probably eavesdropped on our communication. Pay attention to the organization language!
Besides, this music … Please be patient-this is the enemy’s most obvious interference tactics! This kind of psychological warfare is just … worthless! "
The captain endured the divine comedy in his ear and finished this sentence, at the same time, he woke up all the people not to leak information through the communication channel.
"yes! Captain! We will not be affected by this small interference! "
"Yes! You underestimate us! I will show you! "
"Is this song to listen to for a long time I feel refreshed! Have a boiling blood! Haha! "
Hmm! The captain nodded with satisfaction, and the players were all very competitive!
After several people exchanged, Yun Nie has slowly completed the steering, and the whole momentum suddenly changed when he saw the silver shuttle swinging its wings.
The captain is experienced in fighting, and he can find anomalies from these small details. He knows that the other party is going to be serious!
Sure enough, the captain’s heart jumped in the flash of fire at the head of the silver shuttle and immediately made a roll
A moment "whoosh!" There is something from the war room cover strategy!
"Everyone be careful to avoid the enemy aircraft’s nose position! Its range is terrible! B machine, you go around behind it and attack! " He command and pulled up his fight plane.
Yun Nie stared at the captain’s plane to catch up! The captain immediately maneuvered left and right to try not to expose himself to the muzzle trajectory of the silver shuttle!
I have been waiting for a moment with the captain’s B machine behind the fuselage before I pulled up the tail of the silver shuttle.
Three fighters in a straight line, you chase after me! In the other four machines, C and D are watching for the opportunity to shoot!
"da da da!" B machine gun at Nie Yunhuo!
"whoosh!" Bouncing the silver shuttle over Yun Nie’s eyebrows, wrinkling, slowing down, climbing and tumbling, directly winding around the first position of machine B, and aiming straight at machine B.
"whoosh!" Silver shuttle is on fire! But Yun Nie, the B-machine, felt bad when he just moved. He had already rolled over to the left and escaped from Yun Nie’s attack this time!
Yun Nie eyebrows a pick this also like something!
"da da da!" Captain machine at that time has turned back to Yun Nie launched an attack!
Nie Yunfa chased and escaped from the B function and made a right turn to accelerate the evasion of the captain’s plane attack.
At this moment, the C machine next to it suddenly launched a missile and went straight to Nie Yun’s tail!
Magnetic weapons are sharp, but to avoid the muzzle, the speed and tracking ability of missiles are still very threatening to Yinsuo!
Several people besieged and cooperated very tacitly!