Large array communication world

Around Wudao Zun, ancient and huge stars are condensed, filled with the pressure of terror.
This large array seems to manifest the real stars in the sky!
Even the virtual seems to be unable to bear the pressure, shaking constantly, making waves of strange noise, which seems to be a plaintive cry!
Chapter one thousand six hundred and fourteen Horizontal push!
Every star is condensed with the power of the plough array, and with the help of the 36 plough forces in the sky, the breath and power of these stars are getting stronger and stronger!
If these 36 stars are condensed and the impact breaks out at the same time, even the Mahayana bodhi old zu will have to avoid the edge!
At this time, Wu Daozun looked at the huge suspended stars around him and looked calm. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and drank lightly.
This sound is not light or heavy, but it has a terrible impact in generate!
Kaka, Kaka!
Suspended 36 ancient star marks around him, the light suddenly faded, and cracks appeared on the surface of the stars!
Thirty-six stars burst in a moment, and several meteorites splashed around, re-mana returned to heaven and earth.
"What kind of register occultism is this?"
The Sect of plough Sect is appalled!
Zongmen Patriarch Large Array was smashed by this mysterious man in purple robe!
The thirty-six highest stars in the sky also disappeared again.
The power of this sonic boom has not stopped.
Thirty-six main peaks are also shaking, the mountains are cracked, the stars and mountains are shaking, and several birds and animals are shocked!
This is a real change of color!
This sound seems to have suppressed the momentum of the whole plough Sect.
Many brothers and sisters of plough looked at Wu Daozun in the sky with horror, and their eyes showed deep fear.
Don’t say it’s a monk Tsukiji, then a real person. Even a low-ranking monk, Fa Daojun, feels a thrill!
Where have they seen such a horrible means?
It is a god’s knowledge that will suppress the group repair!
It’s a big drink that will break the array of Tiangang’s teachings!
Is this mysterious man in purple robe the bodhisattva Mahayana?
No one in all monks of plough Sect can see the face of budo.
In their sight, Wu Daozun’s face is shrouded in a fog, and their gods can penetrate it.
At this time, there was a loud noise in the six main peaks and six figures slowly rose.
Every figure exudes a strong atmosphere!
Six and a half ancestors of plough Sect broke out!
"The Heavenly Sect teaches the Dragon Elder Zongmen to be in charge of punishment. Do you dare to ask the Sect of Friends?"
Shen, the first elder who taught plough, said
Another half-ancestor of plough Sect sneered slightly, "I don’t know where the rats came from, but they didn’t even dare to show their heads and tails!"
"How dare you call me a rat?"
Wu Daozun’s eyes fell on this person and walked slowly towards this person.
The half-ancestor of the highest plough Sect was deeply alert and said, "If I see it correctly, you are just a half-ancestor!"
"This is the highest plough religion, and you can’t be presumptuous for one and a half ancestors!"
Wu Daozun nodded and said simply, "I am a half-ancestor, but I can kill you enough."
The words sound just fell and budo Zun has come to this person.
The half-ancestor of plough Sect flashed a cold light between his eyebrows.
This is a flying sword stabbing Wu Daozun in the face.
Two ancestors around this half-ancestor of plough Sect also broke out in spells, arrival!
These spells are also mixed with a ray of magical power!