The rainy day shook his head at the moment. "Did you ask people for advice when you forced them to borrow money? Now that I challenge you, I think of it. How can there be such a good thing? "

"Well, stop nagging and die!"
Immediately he took a slight step forward.
And this step makes the Golden Knife Door Master face a quiver and immediately complete "die?" It is not certain who will die tonight! Do you know that the door master has already invited the white-clad door chief helmsman Chen to come to help? Chief helmsman Chen is a top player in the Jianghu. Even if you are no better, you are no match. Damn it, it’s you today! "
"Oh?" In the rain, my heart moved and I couldn’t help laughing. "Is it the chief helmsman Chen, who was listed as a traitor by the imperial court?"
"Looking for death!"
That’s when it happened.
A folded drink suddenly rang outside the hospital.
At the same time, dozens of figures rolled over and entered.
These people are very young, and everyone is dressed in white and red scarves, and they are neatly packed in the courtyard.
But they didn’t make the slightest move. They knelt down in one place and said the same thing, "The White Men Iron Blood Youth League please welcome the chief helmsman!"
For a moment, a piece of petals was suddenly sprinkled, and a white tall figure fell among these petals.
This figure, with a black sword in hand, stepped on the petals and walked in, which was natural and elegant.
So step by step to the roof and finally fall back on everyone!
At this moment
Everyone at Jindaomen looked happy and couldn’t help but say, "The chief helmsman is the chief helmsman. Chief helmsman Chen is coming!"
Chapter one hundred The death of the chief helmsman is not a good sign.
In a dilapidated courtyard
The red petals fall slowly
Dressed in white and wearing a red scarf, the iron-blooded youth group knelt on one knee.
The eyes beside the Golden Knife Gate turned from nervousness to admiration and expectation.
In particular, there is no fear in the face of the Golden Sword Gate.
Everyone looked at the roof together, and the white figure looked exciting to everyone.
Chief helmsman Chen of the White Door is a wanted criminal in the imperial court, but he is famous throughout the Wei River’s Lake for his martial arts and his extraordinary skill. He is admired by many Jianghu people as a "hero"!
After his appearance, the whole hospital was very quiet, as if it had become the center of everyone.
At this moment, Chief Helmsman Chen of White Door turned around and said softly, "Don’t be ill, Master Jin Dao."
This is a middle-aged man with a tall and upright body and a black sword in his hand.
Whoever sees him at first sight.
I knew it was not a simple person.
Especially that temperament.
Calm, floating and unrestrained
"Thanks to Chief Chen, everything has been fine recently!" At this moment, the Golden Knife Master bowed down and smiled. "But the Chief Helmsman invited you here today to solve a problem for you."
As he spoke, he turned his eyes not far away, and then said, "I have a grudge, but he challenged me with martial arts. If I don’t, I will kill them all. Please ask Chief Chen to help me kill this thief!"
Compared with the white door, Mr. Chen, the helmsman, is floating like a real master.
The femininity of rainy weather gives people a strong sense of discomfort.
Let go of rivers and lakes
This is the contest between decent and evil factions.
"I said where did the Golden Knife Door Master come from? It turned out that he had hired a helper." You couldn’t see any tension when you surrounded your hands in the rainy day.
But if you look closely, you can see the excitement and surprise hidden in your eyes.
After coming to Beiyang House from the rainy day,
I have been tracking down the news of White Door.
Also launched the power of the East Factory.
It is these people who hide too deep to find their roots.
Naide has been constantly gaining fame among the major Jianghu sects in Beiyang Mansion.
But I still found that the white door didn’t show signs, and finally I found out that the golden knife door had white doors.
The challenge letter sent directly to the Golden Knife Master is to lead to the Chief Helmsman Chen.
It’s raining, and I don’t expect much about it.