"It’s enough that you have protected him from here for such a long time. It’s meaningless to protect his generation. What’s worse, Ye Aofeng’s goal is that Gu Jian can’t really stab him in the arm and put a shoulder." I thought for a moment and said again, "Let’s hide the aura in the next two days and see if Ye Aofeng is improper. If he doesn’t take the initiative to find the door, I have to go back."

"OK" King Kong Gun nodded happily. He is different from me. This guy is married. He must miss his wife when he goes out.
After the conversation, they went to Lin Yicheng’s room on the second floor. Because I came to Lin Yicheng’s villa, the first sight was that I had to visit the hospital bed at King Kong Gun Station. Although Lin Yicheng knew that I was coming, she didn’t meet me for the first time, and Mei Zhu Mei Fan and her two sisters didn’t have a building because they wanted to protect Lin Yicheng.
The first time I saw Mei Fan, I found that this prospective leader was not only purple, but also very beautiful. However, my eyebrows were cold and arrogant, which made me quite unhappy, so I nodded slightly and went to Lin Yicheng.
Lin Yicheng’s spirit is still good to see me coming. He quickly moved from the hospital bed and greeted me politely. First of all, he thanked King Kong Gun for protecting him during this period, and then he rambled about things except the tomb. When I went out to stay with King Kong Gun for two days to see if Ye Aofeng would come to pick a fight again, Lin Yicheng politely declined.
Kong Bao and I naturally won’t be hot-faced and cool-ass, so we got up and left. Lin Yicheng instructed Mei Zhu to take out a large denomination check to express our gratitude. This money was protected by Kong Bao, and he naturally wouldn’t refuse to take it and put it in his pocket.
"How do I feel that Lin Yicheng is a little abnormal?" I started my car and left Lin Yicheng’s villa. Lin Yicheng had previously sent Mei Zhu to call for help in the middle of the night, but now Ye Aofeng has not lifted the threat to him, but he has not kept us away, which makes me feel very wrong.
"I also feel that something is wrong. Lin Yicheng has been very strange since Ye Aofeng came here." King Kong Gun took out a check, looked at it and put it in his pocket.
"What abnormal performance does he have?" I asked frowning.
"He doesn’t seem to be so afraid anymore, and I don’t want to protect him with that Mei Fan." King Kong Bao thought for a moment and said.
"What happened when Ye Aofeng came over? Tell me about it." I vaguely felt that there was a problem.
"What didn’t happen was that I woke up and found Ye Aofeng outside the wall and chased him out. As a result, I lost him at dawn," recalled King Kong Gun.
"Mei Fan didn’t go out with you?" I turned to ask, I remember hearing Mei Fanyin when I was talking that day.
"I went to the front and back feet," replied King Kong Gun.
"Were you with her then?" I asked questions.
"Without my living room and their bedroom, why do you ask this and want to complain?" King Kong Gun misunderstood my meaning.
I frowned and stepped on the brakes and turned to look back at Lin Yicheng’s bedroom glass. Then I turned and stepped on the gas and left here.
"Did Ye Aofeng face you or turn his back on you when you found him that night?" I was silent for a long time, and once again, Lin Yicheng’s attitude towards me has always been respectful. There must be a reason for the rapid change today. I have been asking about the details of King Kong Gun, which is to find out the reason why Lin Yicheng changed his attitude.
"Forgot" King Kong Gun also knew that I wouldn’t ask nonsense casually and tried very hard to recall the scene at that time. Unfortunately, he didn’t remember it in the end.
"Where did Mei Fan chase out to take the door or the window at that time?" I pulled out a cigarette and lit one.
"I didn’t look back. She followed me when I was chasing the street." King Kong Bao stared at his eyes and shook his head.
I nodded and didn’t say anything, but in my mind, I became more and more suspicious that the hostile situation between Lin Yicheng and Ye Aofeng had changed. When King Kong Bao woke up, he found Ye Aofeng, and the horse chased him out, while Mei Fan was able to chase him out after the King Kong Bao swept him out. That means she didn’t sleep at that time. Since she didn’t sleep, she should naturally find Ye Aofeng before King Kong Bao. Why didn’t she take the lead in chasing him out?
Connecting all the clues together, I made a bold guess that Ye Aofeng came to look for Lin Yicheng the other day, not to kill him, but to negotiate with him. According to Lin Yicheng’s indifference to me and King Kong Gun, these two guys may have reached some kind of agreement.
"What do you think when you are old?" King Kong Bao always looked dignified when he saw me until I thought about something.
"It’s okay, let’s go to Xi ‘an." I stubbed out my cigarette and turned the car on the road, Lin Yicheng and Ye Aofeng. It’s just my guess. I don’t want to say it, which makes the king kong gun worry. Neither of them knows that the other is different, so I’m not sure that my analysis is correct.
"What are you doing in Xi ‘an?" King kong cannon puzzled asked.
"It’s raining hard. Let’s take him back to Ziyang Temple," I sighed.
"He’s not yet five years old." King Kong Gun has the final say.
"Take it back early. I want to teach him and Qiu Muyu Taoism as soon as possible." I shake my head with a wry smile. If Lin Yicheng really makes a deal with Ye Aofeng, they will certainly speed up their entry into the Qin Mausoleum. In this way, I will naturally turn against them and rob them to enter the Qin Mausoleum, because that artifact that may go against the sky is the only hope to save the life of Mu Zhuifeng and King Kong Gun. But once I enter the mausoleum, I will be able to fold it and leave a generation of ideas for Ziyang Temple as soon as possible. Those brothers in the mountains are not qualified to practice advanced Taoism. The brother-in-law in-
It rains during the day, and parents are naturally reluctant to send their children away, but children’s disabilities have formed, and it can become more and more serious to stay with them. It is naturally difficult for us to take them away.
"Your apprentice will be a jinx in the future!" King Kong cannon turned to look at sleeping in the back seat. It rained during the day, so the child didn’t drop a tear from his parents.
I stared at the king kong cannon and didn’t speak. During the day, the rain smelled terrible and fierce. When I grew up, I was either a hero or a lean man.
Back in Ziyang view, we settled down, and we talked about the things in Zhongnanshan, and we were surprised by the reaction. She strongly agreed that we should go to Zhongnanshan to look for those suspicious ancient tombs.
"The teacher elder sister Qin Huangling will never reach the South Mountain, and it’s not that you don’t know where to go and can’t find it." I shook my head and said.
"Lv Yan’s abode of fairies and immortals is likely to end in the South Mountain. If you can find him, the abode of fairies and immortals may have something for you."
Lv Yan’s Chunyang cave guest is the only golden fairy who is not Chunyangshen Avenue from ancient times to modern times.
Please forgive me for being out on a business trip. I will make up for it when I get home.
Chapter 339 He rocks
"Sister, how do you know?" I sat up from my chair because of my longing for the wind. Lv Dongbin is a Taoist immortal, a true ancestor of Yu Xiao, and he is like a real Jin Xian on the Avenue.
"I guess," said Mu Zhuifeng with a smile.
Her answer made me shrink back to my seat like a deflated ball. I think it was also our previous life in the Northern and Southern Dynasties, while Lv Dongbin was in the Tang Dynasty. Naturally, I shouldn’t know his details
"You and Lao Si have been running outside in recent years, and I have been handling things. When I sorted out the scriptures we taught, I also read the classics of other sects. I found that there are still some merits in the cultivation of Taoist Dan." Mu Zhuifeng reached out and licked his long hair on his forehead. "This Lv Yan is the ancestor of Dan Yi and Zhongnanshan is where he rose in the daytime. I think the abode of fairies and immortals should be Zhongnanshan before he rose."
I shook my head and said that I longed for chasing the wind, but there was nothing for us to learn from. I naturally knew that she hoped that I could find Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals before he rose to the top, and that the immortal might leave some Dan’s practice to improve himself, but her idea was good, but it didn’t work at all. First, I wasn’t sure whether Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals would come to the top, even if I found him, I wouldn’t necessarily find him. I can find that he left behind his teachings or ancient books. The most important thing is that even if I found them, there is nothing because our spiritual practices are different from those of alchemists. We compress the aura from penance. An air mass similar to a liquid state is hidden in the air sea, and it can be forced out of the body when needed, so that it can be fast and powerful, while alchemists condense the aura into a circular pill similar to a solid state. Although it can accumulate more aura than us, it can’t make it burst like us instantaneously. Even if I get the practice of Dan, there is nothing for me. Here, alchemy means that the body condenses gas, and the method of Dan is used to make lead and mercury burn, but the root of Dan is not enough. That is the practice of suicide.
"We naturally have to learn from their alchemy, but Lv Yan’s ascension is of great benefit to you." Mu Zhuifeng’s theory is very dignified
As we all know, Lv Dongbin is a free and easy-going fairy, and his love affair in Bai Mudan has been going through the ages. Besides, he had wives and concubines before he became a monk, but these did not hinder his future moral integrity and his descendants. This means that this guy is not unique in the past and present.
Mu Zhuifeng said that I have already understood her true meaning here. She asked me and King Kong Bao to go to Zhongnanshan to look for Lv Dongbin’s abode of fairies and immortals, which is to find out and solve the reasons and methods of his rising in the daytime. The ultimate goal is to hope that I can repair the pole at the peak of the purple gas and further surpass the purple gas and enter the real immortal realm.
"Different benefits come from practicing the Taoist method." I frowned and said that people in monasticism are most afraid of being half-hearted. Looking at that mountain, they will never achieve anything. Besides, if I practice the Taoist method, it is different from deceiving teachers and destroying ancestors.
"He can attack jade with rocks. If one day, you can be ranked in the fairy class with a golden shield, not only can you get rid of the shame of Jiuhua, but you can also enjoy the glory of Ziyang." Mu Zhuifeng said indignantly that we were calculated step by step in Erjiuhua Mountain the other day, and in the end, we suffered heavy losses, but we still lost.
"Can you two stop talking in your sleep and think about braising in soy sauce or steaming before the rabbit is caught?" King Kong Cannon saw me talking to Mu Zhuifeng endlessly, but he couldn’t help but interrupt our conversation.
Mu Zhuifeng took a look at the King Kong cannon and stopped. He turned and walked into the Guanqi Xuan.
"Old in now it seems that it is a good thing to go to Zhongnanshan." King Kong cannon watched the desire to chase the wind away from this before the line of sight came back.
"It is also a good thing to look for it without eyes?" I sighed and said
"Qin Huang Mausoleum I don’t find me to find Lv Dongbin’s tomb. With those people at headquarters, the tanks seem to be run over by pieces." King Kong cannon leans against the chair with a cigarette. Hey hey bad smile.
"Most of the staff in the second division are branches of the true religion flag. Do you think they will follow us to find their ancestors’ abode of fairies and immortals?" I’m too lazy to correct the slip of the tongue. Immortal living is called abode of fairies and dead living is called grave.
"That’s enough with those who are teaching and those who will have special functions in one subject." King Kong cannon turned to look at Zhang Xiaoxue and took the children to sleep, patted his ass and got up and went back to the bedroom.
"I went to see the real Huang Mei." I also got up and went out.
After the King Kong cannon and I left the mountain, we liked to be clean. We moved out of the Guanqixuan and lived in the mountainside cave. His move obviously meant avoiding suspicion. Because after we left the Guanqixuan, there were two women, Mu Zhuifeng and Zhang Xiaoxue, and a group of children. Although he was old, he was a man after all, so he would take the initiative to ask to move to the cave to live.
Huang Mei’s real injury has healed well, and the fracture site has healed well. Seeing my arrival with crutches, I quickly let go and got up and met each other.