"Zhang Xiangying you hurriedly give me a stop, I don’t want to listen to you this give me a blind chicken (ba) bullshit me this is a compliment? Did you listen to what I said? Can’t you even grasp the point? Am I complimenting you? "

When I saw Zhang Xiangying’s awkward picture, Xia Zhijie quickly continued to talk about it. Therefore, he was already upset by the upcoming war. He really didn’t have much free time to wipe Zhang Xiangying’s ass again or this kind of paste.
"Come on, don’t explain, and I don’t want to hear you explain. Listen, Zhang Xiangying, when you go back later, you will take the early part in the cluster fight. Sirius Shield will go to the doctor’s account to visit those injured brothers in the Bowing Camp. Don’t waste anything on me. After that, you will take the lead and honestly apologize to those brothers in the Bowing Camp. If they don’t accept your apology, you will go again every other day until the other party accepts your apology. Do you hear me?"
At this moment, Xia Zhijie is the one who will be lazy just now, and the momentum of leaving someone behind is complete.
"It’s not … boss, it’s not hard for me. You asked me to take my brothers to apologize to the guy lying in the medical account. It won’t give me eye drops. Besides, it’s not that we provoked the king’s eggs. Why should we apologize to them? I’m not going. I’m not going anyway. I’m not going!"
A listen to Xia Zhijie Zhang Xiangying immediately nasty.
"Don’t you dare, Zhang Xiangying. I tell you this, you have to give me a big fight, that is, I don’t have much time to come to the waves to coordinate and deal with your broken things. If you don’t go, pack your bags and go back to your hometown immediately. Are you going or not?"
From this sentence, you can hear that Xia Zhijie is really angry about Zhang Xiangying.
"I … you … Xia Zhijie, I tell you, don’t be an old chicken (Pakistan) and threaten you with this. Are you really always a vegetarian? Also threatened to let me go back to my hometown Xia Zhijie. Listen, I will give you the words here today … "
And Xiang-ying Zhang is also instantaneous stare big eyes is staring at the eyes straight Xia Zhijie continued to roar a way.
"I’ll go to the doctor’s account and apologize to those bastards. I want you not to let me go back to my hometown, even if it’s to pinch my shoulder and beat my back for those kings’ eggs. Compared with this humiliation, I can’t stand the villagers in my hometown talking about my old place behind my back. You’ll wait for me to go!"
Ooh …
What do you mean, say the toughest words …
It seems that General Sirius Dunwei is really a great talent!
"Then why are you wasting your time with me? Go at once and stop worrying about watching the sunset!"
Suddenly, I heard Zhang Xiangying roar like a beast, and Xia Zhijie was suddenly surprised at the bottom of my heart and thought, Isn’t this big sun rising in the west? Is this Zhang Xiangying capable? Dare to talk back to yourself? Dare to pack up and go back to your hometown alone?
When Zhang Xiangying didn’t say half a sentence, at least Xia Zhijie was shocked by the manic momentum of the other party.
However, when Zhang Xiangying told the second half of the story, Xia Zhijie realized that Zhang Xiangying was still the person he knew. It turned out that Zhang Xiangying had never changed his mind. He knew that his temper had never deviated at all.
So Xia Zhijie can fight back his heart smile or glare at Zhang Xiangying and then the earth scolds him.
"You will come here when you are old!"
Come like a shadow …
Go! ! !
As soon as Zhang Xiangying’s voice landed, he didn’t even say hello, so he directly gave Xia Zhijie a back and went into the big account not far behind him.
While Xia Zhijie behind him, the many marching tents that can’t be seen at a glance are the troops he brought this time.
Half a million dollars!
Looking up at the sky, Xia Zhijie’s eyes, which are falling to the setting sun, once again reveal a trace of hesitation and a trace of burnout.
Only in this war can we be the leader! ! !
This meaningless struggle …
This meaningless game …
And when it’s so sad, it’s gradually gone, and the setting sun completely falls on the western hills until the afterglow in the sky is completely shrouded by the stars at night
This night has come!
Just as Xia Zhijie was lying quietly on the grass, looking at the stars overhead and worried about the coming war in jathyapple, an officer came running from the rear army account in a hurry, panting directly without bowing Xia Zhijie, and knelt down before him.
"No … no … good general … general zhang he … general zhang he …"
Because of the incident, I suddenly ran away, so the magistrate stammered for a long time and failed to get to the point.
"Stop it, Zhang Xiangying. Where is it now?"
A carp can see Xia Zhijie standing up from the grass like this, and he can’t take care of himself. At this time, he is still a red (bo) figure, so he ran directly towards the chancellorsville behind him while running to the back, followed by the official big drink a way
"Report back to the general general zhang is medical account at this time …"
Xia Zhijie’s magistrate has been serving his deputy in daily life. This magistrate really dare not hide anything from him.
"Xiang-ying zhang this son of a bitch is really let a person language …"
In swearing, Xia Zhijie turned around and sprinted towards the position of the medical account.
"Bah! Zhang Xiangying, you complained to the wicked first. Today, it was you who started first. How dare you do it? How dare you admit it? You have beaten me into this state. You will fight with you if you don’t give the old one a reasonable explanation today! "
"I tell on the wicked first? Di Yong, you’re afraid you’re not blind, aren’t you? It was you who slandered us first and then hit someone before we were forced to fight back. How can this matter be reversed in your mouth? Di Yong, Di Yong, are you afraid that you won’t be senile? This calf protector is not as protective as you are! "