"Teacher Su, this iron cold base is already a waste. What should I do?"

Liuping ask again
Su Mo didn’t speak before dragging Iron Cold from Liuping’s hand without saying a word.
Blood gushes!
Cold blood is not hot, but it is cold and cold!
Su Mo cut the iron cold head with a palm!
Around dozens of monks are a careful mind.
Don’t move your eyelids and jump wildly, and your mouth muscles twitch uncontrollably. You look pale.
What about the Great Jinxian Kingdom, the Great Defender, and the reincarnation of Feixianmen? It seems that there is no difference between ordinary livestock in this eye.
So decisive and so casual!
Don’t say it’s others, even the people in Gankun Hospital are secretly frightened.
Immortal Taihua killed Brother Ye Fei, and naturally everyone wanted to settle accounts with Immortal Taihua.
But if the public let them kill others, everyone will have some concerns and some hesitation.
Have the scruples of this war determination in front of you!
"Good good!"
Yuan Zuo county king looked at this scene, and his eyes showed a gloomy look, wishing he could not personally rush into the cloud nine to slay Su Mo.
The white sea fairy has already put away the folding fan and sat at the table.
The Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen surrounded and killed people, which completely failed.
The first ten immortals of Taihua, Tie Han and Qing Chen died in Su Mo’s hand!
Although there are four fairies left in these two forces, even if these four people join hands, nothing can be achieved.
These four immortals have not yet arrived at the weighbridge tablet, which shows that their means are far from falling. These people naturally threaten Su Mo.
Su Mo cut the iron cold head and then went to the battlefield to cut off the heads of the fairy bodies of Dajinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen.
Ten heads are dripping with scarlet blood …
Or die miserable or show horror or facial features ferocious or bloody.
It’s chilling that a handsome person will hold these ten bloody heads in his hand to form a strong contrast!
"I said I would let these people be buried with Brother Ye."
Su Mo said, "Take Brother Ye’s body back to the hospital. These people’s heads will be sacrificed and placed in front of Brother Ye’s grave."
The eyes of everyone in Gankun Hospital are slightly red.
This may be the greatest comfort to Ye Fei.
Ye Fei did not die in vain.
He died alone, leaving one of the ten peak immortals in the Great Jinxian Kingdom and Feixianmen buried with the reincarnation of a true fairy!