But recalling how many times I suspected her before, I didn’t hesitate to stay with her, and it seemed so petty!

At this moment, Su Ling has no mind to worry about Shui Tianyue’s idea!
Because of her words, Siyu cried, "Princess Dust, please get ready when you meet St later!
The palace is not peaceful on two days! I don’t know where the ministers got the news that you hold the golden key to the treasure, and all the current ministers jointly called for the emperor to detain you to prevent other countries from seizing the initiative!
It’s not that Empress Xia also quarreled with the emperor about this matter! I also know that she learned it from!
You are always worried about the situation.
It’s dusty. Wang Li is pressing the court, or something will happen sometime! "
Siyu’s words are well-meaning, and Su Ling has also heard a lot of voiceovers from them!
Xia Fei Luo is now in the palace behind her. It seems that teaching her a lesson is not profound enough!
Of course, she can know that the golden key is naturally burning smoke!
This time, she will let them know what the initiative is!
Burn smoke, summer fly, Sun Qingyuan, Pinghou House, none of them can run away!
"Thanks for SiYu father-in-law wake up! I will personally tell my father about this! "
Wen Siyu nodded. "It’s so convenient, but Princess Dust had better be mentally prepared. Because of this, Saint has a very bad temper recently!" " Off-topic:
This is the second watch. Today, I finished updating Chapter Five-Five, which is inscrutable. Huang Yi!
In the face of grandpa Siyu’s suggestion, Su Ling has a simple countermeasure in her heart!
I have to say that Siyu’s words are a wake-up call for her!
As early as when she decided to spread the golden key words, she thought about every step!
And the most important thing is the attitude of the old emperor Qi and Chu!
She can also guarantee that in the face of such a confusing treasure, Emperor Huang Yi will make a choice!
Whether to continue to believe her and burn the old or decide to cross a cylinder from it!
"Princess Xia Fei of Dust has left. Go to the main hall with the old slave!"
Su Ling responded politely and immediately turned around and said, "Tianyue, wait for me here!"
"oh! Good Sue sister rest assured! "
Shui Tianyue has been very nervous since he entered the palace of the State of Chu in Qi!
At this time, I have heard Su Ling’s words and nodded!
After Su Ling and Siyu left together, Shui Tianyue suddenly breathed a sigh of relief!
The main hall of Wenyuange walked in slowly with Siyu leading Su Ling!
But just around the partial temple curtain, I heard Huang Yi suddenly patting the dragon case "damn it! Who gives her courage! "
Smell the previous line Siyu didn’t look back at Su Ling’s hidden meaning in his eyes, which made Su Ling frown!
"Princess Shengchen asks for an audience!"
Siyu casually lifted the curtain and went to Huang Yi’s side and gently said in his ear!
Wen Huangyi’s ugly face first gasped and then rushed to converge, and his expression was slightly surprised. "Is Ling Shantou here?"