As early as before leaving Xuantiancheng, Su Mo told the spirit to spend the night and let it go to Danyang Gate with Xiao Ning.

Su Mo wants to return to Zhou Dafa and Xiao Ning, and he can rest assured that there is a night spirit with him in the past.
Knowing that Xiao Ning is ill, Su Mo can rest assured that he will not stay in the city and go directly to Ji Yaoxue and others to practice the abode of fairies and immortals.
Su Mo had promised Ji Yaoxue that she would go back to find her.
Suddenly Sue ink thought of a person can’t help but frowned.
At first, he felt that there was something wrong with this man, but there was no evidence.
Before leaving, he also woke up Ji Yaoxue and deliberately left some means to guard against this person.
"I hope Yao Xue is all right."
The cold light in Su Mo’s eyes flashed, and a pair of big wings stretched out, and the blood suddenly exploded, and the speed of running has reached the limit!
Chapter four hundred and sixty-six Face falling out
On the edge of the ancient battlefield stands a steep mountain peak.
Halfway up the mountain, there was a man with handsome hands and a hint of extravagance in his brow. He looked gloomy and a cold light flashed in his eyes from time to time.
Qingshuangmen Junhao was the emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty.
Before struggling to pursue Ji Yaoxue, it was because he had long known the identity of Princess Ji Yaoxue!
If two people can go further, he can use this opportunity and identity to touch all the details of the Zhou Dynasty clearly!
It’s a pity that Ji Yaoxue’s attitude towards him over the years is neither too hot nor too cold, and he treats his fellow disciples separately.
Jun Hao is a little annoyed in his heart, but he is very shrewd and in no hurry.
It’s a long way to fix the truth, and there are many opportunities for two people to contact each other in the same door.
It’s a pity that the birth of an almost uber monk in Zongmendabi made him feel a sense of crisis!
Ji goblin walked to the front of the man in that pale yellow robe and turned a circle, blinking and smiling like a flower, just like a thorn in Jun Hao’s heart!
Jun Hao narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists gradually
Ji Yaoxue’s attitude towards this person is different from others, even looking at that person makes him jealous!
After entering the ancient battlefield, Su Mo broke out in terror to suppress all the strengths, which completely disrupted Junhao’s plan.
The Great Xia Dynasty entered the ancient battlefield, and the monks were almost wiped out!
What’s even more frightening is that Sumo already suspects him!
Those days, Jun Hao lived on thin ice every day, carefully hiding and not daring to show the slightest flaw.
At ordinary times, that person looks like a delicate, smiling, kind and calm-eyed person.
But Jun Hao knows in his heart that this is an war decision-maker!
If you want him to show his flaws, this one will directly kill people and will never give him a chance to defend himself!
Finally that day Su Mo left.
Jun took a long breath and was relaxed.
But it didn’t take long for Junhao to get into trouble again, and he hated it and gnashed his teeth!
There are five stone chambers in this cave.