What really catches the eye is not this fit, which is full of bones.

But behind him, there is a huge surge of purple flashing and horrible breath!
Chapter six hundred and ninety-three Yellow Figure
In this thunder pool, the purple Lei Guang sparkles and snakes dance, which contains a very horrible breath and seems to destroy everything!
What means is this?
Will the nine days of thunder be condensed in one place?
Thunder is the most upright and violent force in the world and the most difficult to control.
The science of uniting the thunder achievement method occult science is the most dangerous, and you will die if you are not careful!
It is said that after the Mahayana, there will be a catastrophe in Du Jie.
And this Armageddon is the most horrible thing condensed by thunder, even the strongest ancient emperors in heaven and earth are not necessarily able to resist.
I can’t resist being reborn with a drop of blood, so the great avatar, the bodhi old zu, and the emperor will all go to dust!
Armageddon can be regarded as the ultimate in thunder.
Su Mo pondered that Xiao Pang had walked around before the tomb of Da Neng.
Even in the face of a skeleton, the chubby face is not disrespectful.
Xiaopang bowed down and bowed respectfully toward this tomb. He bowed his head three times and said, "The elder and the younger generation were instructed to go here to retrieve the tomb of the ghost emperor. If Zongbao has offended anything, please forgive me!"
Su Mo’s eyes turned.
Seeing the tomb master sitting cross-legged with one hand on his knees and the other pointing to the ground with his forefinger, he closed a picture in front of him.
Lin Xuanji’s eyes flashed and he shook his hand and folded the fan novel. "If what I expected is good, this should be the six big killers that were famous for burying all beings!"
"It’s a pity that when the ghost emperor Du Jie suffered too much natural disaster, it was almost broken before it was reduced to the multiplier level."
Sumo marveled at one.
I didn’t expect this scroll to have such a history.
Lin Xuanji went on to say, "But even so, after all, the ghost emperor’s weapon is not comparable to ordinary weapons even if it is seriously damaged."
"Imperial vessels?"
Sue ink slightly pick eyebrow eye over a bit confused.
He knows that the multiplier is a magic weapon
This imperial apparatus has come again.
"In short, the imperial weapon is the magic weapon of the emperor’s life, and the power of the emperor’s general trend is even more terrible!"
Lin Xuanji simply explained one
Sue ink secretly lose.
How horrible the robbery should be this day! It will make an imperial weapon fall into the realm!
Xiao pang looked respectfully and held out his hands to hold up this yellow picture and slowly show it.
In this yellow picture, a rushing river roared past.
Everyone looked intently.
There is really a roaring yellow river in the yellow picture!
There is a layer of water mist in the yellow sky, and a horrible yellow light blooms over the whole palace, which seems to annihilate everything!
They felt a suffocation.
This is not an illusion
Even Su Mo’s powerful body felt a burst of discomfort.