Chenpo was the best person for her mother when her father had not moved to the city before Lin Jin’s family moved to the city. At that time, Lin Jin was still young, but she could still remember Chenpo. When she was a child, she often bought some fish and eggs and sent them to her home.

"I know."
"Then you can still laugh?"
"It’s okay, I also made money in Guangdong, and I divorced him a long time ago. It’s none of my business how he lost his family." My mother walked over and held hands with that old woman, and the two of them started talking about things in recent years like sisters.
Mom has hardly been here since Lin Jin divorced her father when she was ten years old. The village has changed dramatically over the years. Once the dirt road became asphalt road, once the stinking public toilet was torn down and turned into a beautiful … public toilet.
On both sides of the road, there are still stone beaches full of weeds, but now independent buildings have been built, a huge wedding ancestral temple and an underground parking lot, and cars that don’t know whether they are good or bad stop here.
These have long been used to Lin Jin, who comes back several times a year, but they are novel to her mother. When she left, there was a stinking ditch on the side of the road, but now it has become a beautiful big pond, and many children are fishing crayfish with homemade hooks by the pond.
Mom talked with the old lady for a long time before she pretended to see Lin Jin and asked her mother, "What is this?"
"Lin Jin!" Mom’s expression immediately converged.
"Lin Jin?" Chen Po opened her eyes wide and came to Lin Jin’s side. She rubbed Lin Jin’s little face curiously and then asked Lin Jin in doubt, "Aren’t you a boy?"
Before Lin Jin could answer her, she said to herself, "It’s okay for Lin Jin to wear girls’ clothes every day when she was a child."
There’s nothing wrong with ghosts.
Chapter 457 Is there a hotel near 453? I want to go out./I want to get out of here.
Lin Jin’s old house is the kind of brick bungalow with three or five houses connected together to form a rectangle. Every house and backyard are connected together. Of course, they have been separated by brick walls one by one now.
Lin Jin’s hometown is in a county-level market. It is said that the whole of Fujian is a relatively rich place. Before that, Lin Jin never felt that she went to the city to study, and her classmates learned about her hometown. As a result, everyone called her a local tyrant.
Of course, at that time, Lin Jin did not refute that her family really belonged to the local tyrant level at that time.
The villagers are also relatively rich, one by one, either investing in factories or being the pillars of their families. They sneaked into foreign countries a few years ago, especially in recent years. Although the houses are still the same bungalows as those ten years ago, the surrounding facilities are not much different from those in the city.
Chen Po led Lin Jin and her mother to the former old house.
Her old house is also an ordinary two-story bungalow. The first floor is not decorated at all, but the second floor is covered with a layer of floor paper. However, this room that once brought Lin Jin childhood joy has been lived by another foreign family.
The tenant didn’t know Lin Jin and his mother. When they stopped outside, they looked back blankly at the house or the house. What attracted them?
"My former mother lived here for nearly ten years. At that time, your grandparents didn’t agree with me to marry your father. Because your father’s super poor house was in tatters at that time, even if he didn’t even have a job, he asked me to go to the factory class." My mother smiled gently at Lin Jin and recalled, "Didn’t she give birth to you later? At that time, you were premature, and just after you were born, you went into the box for a long time to hold it. "
"Your father worried that you were born prematurely and you were in poor health, so he wouldn’t let me go to the factory class. Let me concentrate on taking you at home. He went to other places to work hard and come back every year on your grandfather’s birthday and Chinese New Year …" Mom’s face was full of memories, and she seemed to be immersed in the time 19 years ago. "Later, with your brother, your father was even more desperate and couldn’t come back once in a year. It was called a desperate outside. I occasionally took you two to find him and saw him sitting on the construction site with a gray face and eating steamed bread."
"How did Dad get out later?" Lin Jin is also curious about her father’s glorious moment.
"Later, he saved a little money and went to work as a cleaning company. At that time, the cleaning company was less popular than your father." Mom was lost in memories, but she was about to continue talking when she saw a familiar person coming by.
Wu Juan?’ When the man saw his mother, he was stunned and forced to look at her. "How did you come back?"
Lin Jin’s eyes narrowed slightly. This man is his father and brother, that is, Uncle Lin Jin.
There are seven brothers and sisters in Dad’s generation plus him, three men and four women, and of course four women have already married and are not very familiar with Lin Jin.
Uncle is a chubby middle-aged man with a huge beer belly, but his wife is a slim and beautiful woman.
My uncle is very nice. Although he looks very fierce at ordinary times, he is actually a nice person. His popularity in the village is also very good. He is probably a very loyal person.
"ChengChang? He didn’t come back? " Before uncle walked over, he glanced at Lin Jin and saw that she was a little girl who had never seen before, so she directly talked to her mother as a child from a neighboring village.
"I divorced him a long time ago," my mother said with a wry smile. "Didn’t he buy the house this time? Come and plan to get back together with him. "
Uncle’s face turned black immediately. "He is so outrageous that he knows nothing but gambling."
Mom shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t know that dad had opened a milk tea shop at this time, and she was in a hurry.
"Mom" Lin Jin looked at the place where she once lived and then came to her mother’s side, holding her hand and watching her uncle together.
Before, I let my mother face my grandfather alone, which made Lin Jin feel uneasy. It was her own business, but now she wants to face it together.
"This is?" Uncle frowned. "I haven’t heard of you finding another one in Guangzhou."
"This is Lin Jin." Mom touched Lin Jin’s head and smiled gently.
Lin Jin?
Uncle was completely confused. Although Lin Jinchang was so cute when he was a child that he could hardly tell the difference between men and women, Lin Jin’s mother often dressed Lin Jin in women’s clothes, which really made him doubt whether Lin Jin was a girl. However, he had already seen Lin Jin when he was born.
"Did you dress Lin Jin in women’s clothes again?" Uncle did not hesitate to think of his brother’s wife’s bad taste.
Mom’s expression is pie-pie, and I don’t know how she got hung up by people here. She likes to dress up as a woman’s dress.
"It’s also your mother who hasn’t seen you for several years. Her heart must be irrepressible." Uncle walked over and looked at Lin Jin carefully. After seeing it carefully, the girl’s face really saw the details of her nephew’s appearance, so he smiled more happily and buried it in Lin Jin’s mother. "You said that when you were a child, you dressed Lin Jin in women’s clothes, even if you still let him wear this kind of clothes. What if Lin Jin is a girl?"
No, I’m already a girl, not
Lin Jin and her mother didn’t know how to explain it. After a while, Hao Nai temporarily accepted her uncle’s idea instead of telling the truth directly.
"Lin Jin, you can’t come back with your mother this time and run away without living. My family still has a guest room dedicated to you NianLia." Uncle warmly took Lin Jin’s hand and walked over and said, "The guest room is as big as you are, and then you can’t sleep well with your mother. He has just returned from a college holiday for two days."
"Lin Jin still sleeps with me." My mother refused my uncle’s idea without hesitation.
After all, now Lin Jin is a girl sleeping with a boy, and God knows what will happen.
"Nothing nothing children are so big still rest assured? Besides, didn’t Lin Xin and Lin Jin play well when they were children? What happened to sleeping together for two days? "
You said when I was a kid … I almost forgot, okay?
Lin Jin also had a classmate named Lin Xin, who had just started school at that time and saw that the list had been mistaken for his cousin. Later, he immediately denied it when he met someone.