Windy day Luo Cha also flew into a rage and screamed.

Luo Cha dialect is sharp and harsh.
The great war in Vientiane City was a great humiliation for both protoss and Luo Cha.
The Terran in the world of repairing the true world kept it a secret, but it was widely spread among the Archaean Jiuzu, and the protoss and Luo Cha suffered a lot of discussion
After all, it is not honorable to be defeated by the Terran Army.
"It’s you who want to die!"
Just then, a cold sound suddenly occurred to the crowd.
Then a figure with a height of more than 30 feet jumped out and braved the red light to send out the hot breath, which instantly came behind Luo Cha on a windy day.
This figure is extremely fast, and then it is added. Suddenly, don’t say it’s a crowd. Even the six fierce families in the battlefield have no reaction.
"What person!"
Many fierce and powerful people also came to drink a lot. They didn’t see this figure clearly, but they saw a rough outline.
This latosolic red figure came to the windy day behind Luo Cha without hesitation and directly stretched out his palm to show ferocious sharp claws, flashing cold light towards the windy day, and Luo Cha’s head was severely caught!
On a windy day, Luo Cha’s heart was frightened and felt that his scalp was exploding. He didn’t want to blink his wings and flee away in the distance!
Luo Cha people are too fast.
One of the nine fierce families!
This light flint windy day Luo Cha figure into a black mountain to break away from the ferocious claws!
This figure arm out a scratching noise jumped three feet instant chasing wind day Luo Cha figure caught again!
Blood and fog spewed!
Luo Cha screams in windy days.
He has reacted quickly enough and his posture has been pushed to the limit.
But even so, he is still being chased by this figure, tearing up a meat wing behind him and tearing it to a large blood dripping!
This scene is extremely bloody and tragic!
Even the six fierce families are slightly inhaled by the strong.
On windy days, Luo Cha’s posture and speed didn’t get away before. If this figure moves against them, who can be lucky?
The idea has just flashed across the battlefield and changed again
This terracotta-red figure will scratch the wings of Luo Cha’s flesh in windy days with one claw, and the body will be three lengths and many heights without stopping, just like a python suddenly winding around Luo Cha’s body in windy days!
The surge of blood suddenly made a force!
Kaka, Kaka!
On a windy day, Luo Cha had a bone fracture!
Several eyes staring at the windy day Luo Cha’s flesh has been completely squeezed and distorted!
On a windy day, Luo Cha’s eyes are bulging and bloodshot, and his face is purple and blue, and his qi and blood quickly dissipate!
Conjunction can be reborn with broken limbs.
Even if the body is so badly damaged, it will take time to cultivate and heal, and there is hope for recovery.
But at this windy day, Luo Cha is entangled in this red figure, and no matter how fast it is, it can’t escape, and it is still suffering great pain!
A Yuan God emerged from Luo Cha’s head on a windy day with a look of panic and wanted to escape in the distance.
This crimson figure suddenly opened its mouth and spewed out a flame, which directly burned the Yuan God into ashes in the blink of an eye!
Luo Cha meteorite in windy days!
Chapter one thousand three hundred Dragon look!
In windy days, Luo Cha fell, and the valley of heaven and earth was dead!
This scene is much more shocking than the fall of a Terran fit!
The six fierce tribes fit in with each other, and the strong can easily suppress the Terran power. Even the extremely hot Terran Uber has been hit hard by the Eye of the Eye.
Now, a statue of fierce clan’s great power was killed on the spot by an immortal!
"Who is this?"
"Who will dare to help wild arms and do not hesitate to kill the Luo Cha clan strong such a means is too hard! Is it a half-ancestor or a Mahayana bodhi? "
Group of repair looked intently but stood on the spot.
Accurately speaking, this red figure can’t be regarded as the height of the Terran, which is more than three feet high. It is full of red scales and covers its cheeks to reveal a pair of bright eyes like two torches!
This is definitely an alien!
That huge claw knuckles bulge is like molten steel pouring, full of metallic luster, and sharp claws are dripping with scarlet blood from Luo Cha in windy days!
Strangely, this alien has this ferocious claw on the left, but the palm on the right is white. As usual, the Terran palm is different.
This red figure exudes a very violent breath, and the blood is surging. The six fierce families are not in the wind!
Many monks look at this red-haired alien and have a sense of facing the ancient fierce race!
"Is this alien also one of the nine fierce families?"
"No way, it seems that no race of Taikoo Jiuzu looks like this?"
"This alien is a bit like a dragon!"
"Hey, now that you mention it, I think of one thing."