Xu Le, hold the doll and hold it!

Hey! ~
Okay, tough guy knelt on the spot. It hurt so much
When a doll is hurt, it reflects his body like a soul refraction.
This operation is really outrageous!
However, the more outrageous this thing is, the more Xu Le wants to destroy it. This thing is a huge weakness of himself.
Xu Le put the potted plants on the ground and took out his sorcerer’s cane.
Turned the cane into a large-caliber double-barrel shotgun
One shot to Xu Le, the soul burst, and it took two minutes to slowly reshape the body
He covered his head with that feeling, and he really didn’t want to go through it again.
Twist a head to look at the flowerpot. The doll has been completely smashed.
But the flowerpot remained.
Looking at this flowerpot, Xu Le suddenly had an idea, and then … he raised his gun again.
The next day, Xu Le squatted at the door of a tailor’s shop and kept urging.
"Grandma, can you hurry up? I am waiting for class? "
"I’m telling you, young man, it’s unlucky for you to be your own doll. Be careful that people prick you!"
"No, no, this thing is for my good friend. She should not stab me if she is so kind to me."
"Well, it’s done for 1 yuan and 20 cents."
To be honest, it’s a little dark, but Xu Le gave money readily.
No, don’t rely on this skill. Anyway, Xu Le feels that there is no difference between yesterday’s dolls.
Xu Le, the whole doll, went to the flower and bird market again and spent 1 cent to buy potted plants, pulling up all the leaves and leaves before returning to the temporary research institute.
As soon as I entered the door, I saw Wang Yueqin, the captain of Night Watch Team 2, there.
See Xu Le back she asked directly.
"Xu Le, where have you been?"
"I lost my way in life."
Chapter 126 will make the heart more than Xu Le.
"glib, do you know that there was an accident in the institute last night?"
"Yeah, there’s something weird, but those things are what you vigil personnel have with me? I’m not a night watchman. "
Xu Le, it feels a little strange to say this, but it seems that there is nothing wrong with it.
"Report your whereabouts."
"I’ve been resting. Didn’t you come and ask me last night?"
"What about that early?"
"I bought potted plants in the flower and bird market early. Miss Gu was too hard during this period, and the research process was also very depressed.
I’m going to buy a pot of grass to put in front of her bed to ward off evil spirits, and I also bought a doll for her to make her angry, so I can take it out with needles.
It’s a leader’s job. I hope she can be a little more considerate, shouldn’t she? "
Xu Le said, so he left the building with his eyes wide open. Several 2-team night watchman didn’t know whether to stop him.
Then Xu Le so openly put potted plants and dolls in front of Gu Jianuo’s bed.
"There was a weird around you night watchman, but it’s a big responsibility to keep staring at me. Why am I not weird and serious?
When you are like this, it is a wave of taxpayers’ money. "
Wang Yueqin didn’t let Xu Le go in a few words. She grabbed Xu Le’s arm directly.
"Have you seen Wei Kui?"
"Where is he?"
"How do I know I’m not his father?" Xu Le looked surprised.
"Didn’t you say you saw him?"
"I saw him yesterday. I said hello to him."
"Xu Le, don’t play games."
"Captain Wang Yueqin, I’m not your genus or the night watchman.
I am now a researcher on the campus of Lighthouse University. You have no reason and no qualification to ask me this question. "
In the face of Wang Yueqin’s questioning, Xu Le did not let it.
The key is that there is no evidence, and Wang Yueqin can’t do anything about it.